What Has EAPUOC Accomplished?

The ERCB's recommendations made as a result of the 1979 incident dealt broadly with pipeline agreements and procedures, construction, operation, physical integrity, set-backs, communications, emergency response and education. These have been addressed with considerable success and continue to be the focus of activities.
Significant accomplishments include:

  1. Enhanced inspection, monitoring, operating and communication, with an EAPUOC member/industry telephone Interactive Voice Response (IVR) system for emergencies.
  2. A safety seminar and trade show every two years for industries, responders and regulators
  3. A "Guidelines For Working Near Buried Facilities" manual.
  4. Improved procedures for location, prior approval of work and for safer seismic/ exploration work procedures.
  5. City of Edmonton emergency plans and training include close interaction with pipeline operators and neighbouring jurisdictions in both simulations and real emergencies.
  6. A broad range of public awareness and education activities, including attendance at public events and in-school sessions for elementary aged children.