Unfortunately Sean Norwood, Chair of EAPUOC’s Community Awareness Committee is unable to be here today, so I’d like to provide the Committee’s year end report on his behalf:

As you all know, the Committee has been extremely busy over the past year attending to many initiatives.  I’d like to provide a summary of our accomplishments.

  • We partnered with ABCGA and Alberta One-Call on the commemoration of the 40th Anniversary of the Mill Woods Incident;
  • We staged another very successful Safety Seminar and Trade Show. The trade show sold out at 45 booths (some exhibitors had to be turned away) and 350 seminar tickets were sold;
  • The EAPUOC and UPAC Committees moved to digital ads;
  • The GRONK coloring book was updated and EAPUOC crayons designed/ordered. The new books have been well received by the general public;
  • Sticker pages and temporary tattoos were designed/ordered. These items have also been well received by the general public;
  • Our GRONK costume was redesigned and is available for event appearances;
  • Our printed and branded materials were updated;
  • Our video was updated with new animation. Please visit EAPUOC’s website to view;
  • Our Twitter Account continues to increase awareness and followers;
  • Our manual was revised. A “Page Turning Session” was held in June when ABCGA and EAPUOC reviewed the new version. Unfortunately the decision was made that our manual would not form part of training materials but rather would be utilized as “reference purposes” only;
  • A number of ground disturbance drawings were updated in the manual, extracted and subsequently placed on the website. Please visit EAPUOC’s site to view;
  • We continue to participate in general public events i.e. fairs, trade shows, conferences etc. distributing our six fact sheets (Who Are We, Members, Dig With Care, Need to Obtain Located, Dig Safe is Everyone's Job and Did You Know), pens, rain gauges, thermometers, pop sockets, coloring books, crayons, stickers and tattoos;
  • Our app is up and running;
  • The Damage Prevention Ambassadors continue to create positive awareness of EAPUOC throughout the community;

In closing, I’d like to thank everyone who was involved in the aforementioned accomplishments and achievements.  The tasks are not part of their every day jobs and the effort that is put into completing and participating in them certainly doesn’t go unnoticed – they’re truly appreciated.

Respectfully submitted