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EAPUOC has been working to ensure public safety involving linear infrastructure for almost 40 years. Established in 1979 following a major natural gas liquids pipeline rupture in southeast Edmonton, we have grown to include nearly 40 distinguished member companies and reputable organizations in the Capital Region. 

Who we are

EAPUOC is a not-for-profit society committed to promoting safety around buried pipelines and cables. As linear infrastructure stakeholders and specialists, we recognize the importance of awareness, protection, communication and control.

Our Work

Our role is to help ensure the wellbeing of contractors and residents in our community, and to promote the collaboration, communication and sharing of learnings amongst our members. EAPUOC is proud to inform and connect the Capital Region.

Our History

horizonEAPUOC was established after a major adverse event nearly four decades ago known as the Millwoods Incident. This significant petroleum pipeline rupture forced over 19,000 people from area businesses and homes and was known at the time as Canada’s largest peacetime evacuation.

Following an inquiry by Alberta’s Energy Resource Conservation Board (now the Alberta Energy Regulator), it was determined that third-party damage was the root cause. In addition to fifteen recommendations, the potential for partnerships between the City, local operators, and the Alberta Energy Regulator (AER) was highlighted. EAPUOC was initiated shortly after to bring stakeholders together and to ensure collaborative planning, design, operation and communication.

Our Reach

EAPUOC is focused on the Capital Region. While our members' responsibilities extend throughout Alberta and beyond, our priority is the safety of contractors, pipeline and utility operators and residents in Edmonton metro area. We are proud to share our achievements and to model best practice for communities across North America.  

Our Members

Pipeline Operators

  • Air Liquide Canada Inc.
  • Air Products Canada Ltd.
  • AltaGas Ltd.
  • Enbridge Pipelines Inc.
  • Gibson Energy Partnership
  • Imperial Oil Pipelines & Distribution
  • Inter Pipeline Ltd.
  • Keyera Corp.
  • NOVA Chemicals
  • Pembina Pipeline
  • Plains Midstream Canada ULC
  • Shell Canada Products Limited
  • Suncor Energy
  • Trans Canada Energy
  • Trans Mountain Corporation
  • Wolf Midstream

Utility Operators

  • ATCO – Natural Gas Division
  • City of Edmonton Operations
  • EPCOR Utilities Inc.
  • TELUS Communications Inc.


  • Alberta Energy Regulator (AER)
  • Alberta Infrastructure
  • Canada Energy Regulator (CER)
  • City of Edmonton – Fire Rescue Services
  • City of Edmonton – Urban Planning and Economy
  • Leduc County
  • Strathcona County – Emergency Services
  • Utility Safety Partners

Our Membership Criteria

Classification of Members

There are two categories of Members:

  1. Operator Members;
  2. Associate Members.

Operator Members

To become an Operator Member, the Member must:

  1. Pay the annual membership fees for Operator Members; and
  2. Be a person who is actively involved in the operation of a pipeline or utility, as determined by a majority vote of the Board of Directors within the boundaries established by the Committee, from time to time.

Associate Members

To become an Associate Member, a Member must:

  1. Pay the annual membership fees for Associate Members; and
  2. Be a person having jurisdiction within the boundaries established by the Committee and may include any interested person, which directly or indirectly affects the objectives of the Committee, as approved by a majority vote of the Board of Directors of the Committee.

Admission of Members

Any person may become a Member in the appropriate category by meeting the requirements in Article 4.1 and as approved by a majority vote of the Board of Directors. The person will be entered as a Member under the appropriate category in the Register of Members.

Membership Fees

Membership Year

The membership year is January 1 to December 31.

Setting Membership Fees

The Board decides annual membership fees for each category of Members.

Payment Date for Membership Fees

The annual membership fees must be paid on or before January 1 of every year.

Special Assessment Fee for Operator Members

Upon a Special Resolution of the Operator Members of the Committee, each Operator Member shall be required to pay a special assessment fee, in addition to the annual fee, and in such amount as is contemplated by such Special Resolution.

Rights and Privileges of Members

Any Member in good standing is entitled to:

  1. Receive notice of meetings of the Committee;
  2. Attend any meeting of the Committee;
  3. Speak at any meeting of the Committee; and
  4. Exercise other rights and privileges given to Members in these Bylaws.

Voting Privileges of Members

The only Members who can vote at meetings of the Committee are Operator Members in good standing. Operator Members shall provide notice to the Vice Chair of the Committee of the representative of that person who will exercise the right to vote (the “Voting Representative”). Notice shall include the name, mailing address and email address of the Voting Representative. In the event a Operator Member elects to change its Voting Representative, it shall provide written notice to the Committee providing the name of the new Voting Representative.

Number of Votes

An Operator Member is entitled to one (1) vote at a meeting of the Committee.

Member in Good Standing

A Member is in good standing when the Member has paid membership fees or other required fees to the Committee.

Termination of Membership


Any Member may resign from the Committee by sending or delivering a written notice to the Chair or Vice Chair of the Committee. Once the notice is received, the Member’s name is removed from the Register of Members. The Member is considered to have ceased being a Member on the date its name is removed from the Register of Members.

Deemed Withdrawal

If a Member has not paid the annual membership fees or other required fees within three (3) months following the date the fees are due, the Member is considered to have submitted its resignation. In this case, the name of the Member is removed from the Register of Members. The Member is considered to have ceased being a Member on the date its name is removed from the Register of Members.


The Committee may, by Special Resolution at a Special Meeting called for such a purpose, expel any Member for any cause which is deemed sufficient in the interests of the Committee. This decision is final. On passage of the Special Resolution, the name of the Member is removed from the Register of Members. The Member is considered to have ceased being a Member on the date its name is removed from the Register of Members.

Transmission of Membership

No right or privilege of any Member is transferable to another person. All rights and privileges cease when the Member resigns or is expelled from the Committee.

Continued Liability for Debts Due

Although a Member ceases to be a Member, by resignation or otherwise, it is liable for any debts owing to the Committee at the date of ceasing to be a Member.

Limitation on the Liability of Members

No Member is, in its individual capacity, liable for any debt or liability of the Committee.