For more than a decade, the Edmonton Area Pipeline and Utility Operators’ Committee (EAPUOC) has recognized an outstanding individual or company with the Bruce Wilson Contractor Safety Award.

As a long time EAPUOC damage prevention consultant and safety innovator, Bruce Wilson had deep connections with the digging community.  Be it handing out Safe Dig Manuals at safety seminars and trade shows or visiting excavating contractors at their shops, he was instrumental in spreading the message that “every ground disturbance should begin with an Alberta One-Call.”

Following Bruce’s passing in 2006, it was decided that a safety award would be fitting. Not only would it serve as an enduring tribute to a great man who dedicated his career to enhancing safety and awareness in Edmonton’s digging communities, it would inspire others to strive for excellence.

The general criteria for the Bruce Wilson Contractor Safety Award is "he/she be an individual who is involved in creating ground disturbances, understands the importance of consistently following the rules with respect to working around buried facilities and demonstrates concern for fellow workers and safety of the general public".

In the fall nominations are accepted from EAPUOC’s members for the annual Award.  These names are then circulated to the membership and voted on by them resulting in a winner being chosen and subsequently honoured/recognized at EAPUOC’s December General Meeting.

dale solo with plaque

Dale Wilson Proudly Displaying His Award

The winner of the 2019 Bruce Wilson Contractor Safety Award is Dale Wilson.

“In the 70s Dale started to work for Alberta Government Telephones in Vegreville, involved with the maintenance and installation of telephone services.  He moved to Edmonton in the 80s and worked with the outside plant team prior to the safety team, promoting safety at safety fairs and trade shows from Red Deer north.  In August 1989 Dale represented Alberta Government Telephones on Alberta One-Call’s Operating Committee and had been doing so for some time.  He represented Alberta Government Telephones (later AGT) then TELUS at trade shows across the province promoting damage prevention.  His booth included samples of damaged underground telephone facilities.

Dale had involvement throughout Alberta with the conversion to dial phones and the individual line service initiative (the end of party lines).  He got to know many, many people across Alberta.  When he retired from TELUS, Dale was the Cut Cable Liaison Officer.  Every damage to a TELUS buried facility went across his desk for investigation and assessment of responsibility.  From Dale’s perspective the ground disturber was not automatically at fault.

Dale retired from AGT in the 90s and started his own damage prevention consulting company.  He conducted damage prevention presentations across the province, attended trade shows in Alberta and the United States on behalf of Alberta One-Call, represented Alberta One-Call on EAPUOC and other damage prevention organizations including the Alberta Utility Coordination Council (now the Alberta Common Ground Alliance) and the Canadian Association of Pipeline and Utility Locating Contractors (CAPULC), participated in at least one re-write of the EAPUOC Manual and was scribe during the AUCC’s development of its damage prevention stakeholder position paper on legislation.

Dale established many damage prevention contacts in the US through his attendance at One Call Systems International Symposia for many years.  He took phenomenal meeting notes during his many years with Alberta One-Call, was the best proof reader ever, was, and still is a subject matter expert.  There is no damage prevention document in Alberta that does not have Dale’s finger prints on it.

dalesean 3

Dale Wilson Receiving His Award from Sean Swaney, Acting Chair

Dale finally retired in 2015 and still remains in touch with the digging community in Alberta.”

Past recipients include:

  • 2020 - Sacha Mathieson
  • 2019 - Dale Wilson
  • 2018 - CTL Canada
  • 2017 - Janet Welter, Locate Management
  • 2016 - Joe Verbeek, Joe Verbeek Contracting Ltd.
  • 2015 - Dawn-Marie Rice, Jatec
  • 2014 - Harvey Hull
  • 2013 - Ernie Johnson, AECON
  • 2012 - Michael Gary Goebel, AltaFlights (Posthumously)
  • 2011 - Gerry Vandersteen, Precision Gradall
  • 2010 - Hydrodig Edmonton
  • 2009 - T.C. Backhoe and Directional Drilling
  • 2008 - Commercial Trenching Ltd.
  • 2007 - Sureway Construction Management Limited