You will all agree that due to the Corona Virus Crisis, this year has been a very difficult and challenging one, seriously affecting various aspects of many business and personal lives.  EAPUOC is no exception hence 2020 was a very quiet year for our Committee.

Our Ambassadors, representatives of the Community Awareness Committee, were unable to attend/participate in any social or community events, sadly due to cancellation as a result of the virus.  These included awareness and information message presentations at various types of meetings (safety, training etc.), Sherwood Park’s spring Chamber of Commerce “Canadian Trade Fair and Sale” and the City of Edmonton’s summer “Get Ready in the Park” functions  They were however able to conduct many site visits, creating positive awareness of EAPUOC throughout the community, by handing out swag (i.e. pens, rain gauges, thermometers, pop sockets, coloring books, crayons, stickers and tattoos) and fact sheets (i.e. Who Are We, Members, Dig With Care, Need to Obtain Located, Dig Safe is Everyone's Job and Did You Know).

We sold a number of “GRONK Kits” (coloring books, crayons, temporary tattoos and stickers).

We conducted the annual presentation of the Bruce Wilson Contractor Safety Award.

We provided 500 GRONK coloring books to the Stollery Children’s Hospital.

We acquired the services of an individual to assume the role of GRONK at social events.

The UPAC Committee, also unable to attend social or community events this past year due to the virus, completed a spring movable signs campaign.  These signs were set up at four different Edmonton locations for eight weeks to attract attention to EAPUOC’s website.

The Committee Members are looking forward to 2021 and tackling some new initiative – these include the development of a coloring contest, the purchase of logoed shirts for the Ambassadors, the commencement planning of EAPUOC’s 2022 Safety Seminar and Trade Show rescheduled at that time due to the cancellation of the 2021 event and hopefully many others.

In closing, I’d like to wish everyone a Wonderful Festive Season.  Take care and stay safe and well.

Respectfully submitted